Here to Record is the result of years of event videography

We've been filming sporting events, weddings, plays, performances and just about anything else you can think of all over Europe.

We love recording (and streaming) all sorts of events, so please don't hesitate to request a no-obligation quote from us.

While we are based in Sweden, we are more than happy to serve the Europe, just get in touch for pricing for your particular event location. We love to travel to new places, and maybe we can record your event while we are there!


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Frequently asked questions

Will you travel anywhere in the world for an event?

Pretty much! We’ve been to Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, the US, and plenty more places recording events. We’re always happy to add more countries to this list!

How are you able to deliver the finished recordings so fast?

We actually edit our videos as they happen. All the cameras go into live editing software and are live mixed throughout, this means that once the event is over, most of the work is done. We add some graphics, edit any small issues and the videos are ready for uploading.

I know you offer DVDs of your events, but do you also offer Blu-ray versions?

Not just yet. We reckon that most people still have DVD players, but not so many have Blu-Ray players so it's a tough sell for us to buy all the equipment we need to burn them. If there is a demand for it, then we will definitely look in to making Blu-rays. Don't forget though that you can get all the files on a hard drive and make the Blu-rays yourself. We won't be angry if you do it, just send us a copy to enjoy!

Can I have all the original recordings from all camera angles?

You most definitely can. Give us a hard drive and we'll send it all to you - or buy one from us! Remember, you aren't paying for your footage (as you already own that), you're just paying for the hard drive.

Are there any types of events that you won't record?

We tend to avoid events that are cruel or misleading to the public. You'll not see us at a Pyramid scheme event, for example, because we know that recording these sorts of events will not add any value to the rest of the world (and maybe because we are afraid of getting sucked in to the scheme).


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Based: Sweden
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