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Adding managers to your YouTube account

How to10th November, 2016

We tend to work a lot with multiple YouTube accounts and the question "How can we add you as a YouTube manager" often comes up. So here is the answer!

You can watch the video version above, or follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to YouTube and sign in.

  2. Click on your logo at the top left, then click the little gear icon "YouTube Settings"

  3. Now click "Advanced" which will appear next to your accounts logo

  4. Choose "Move channel to Brand Account" link

  5. You may need to re-renter your password at this point

  6. Click "Select desired account" and choose your brand account. Side note - If you don't have any options, head over to to create a brand page - You'll need one!

  7. Once completed, you should return to the YouTube settings page where you can now "Add or Remove Managers"

  8. Choose "Manage Permissions" where you can add or remove managers!

That's it!

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