What does the LOGO button do on the Select Bus - ATEM Mini Extreme

Here's what the logo button does on the ATEM Mini Extreme's Select Bus

By John Barker • 15 Apr 2021

In this video, I wanted to answer a question that I have gotten a lot, what is the logo button for on the Select Bus of the ATEM Mini Extreme?

I must admit it took me a while to find the answer to this too, as it wasn’t where I thought it would be.

Let’s head into the ATEM Software Control to get started, and over on the palettes, I will go to “Transitions” and choose “DVE”.

You might have used these before where you can “Push” between shots or “Squeeze” between shots but right below that you have a DVE Transition Effect option.

Enabling this will allow you to transition with a logo, image of some sort. 

If we head over to my Media Pool you will see I have an image loaded up already which is basically an alpha PNG with a thick gray line in the middle. 

I’ll just load that into my Media Player 1 slot, and I will also load this slightly better one into my Media Player 2 slot - this will come in handy later.

I can go back to the DVE Transition, I will choose Media Player 1, activate the DVE transition and press enter on my keyboard.

You can see that the ATEM has cut between my two sources and has added that image to hide the cut, pretty neat.

So now back to the select bus, when I press the “Logo” button on my select bus, you can already see that Media Player 1 is activated, though if I choose Media Player 2 and do an auto transition, you can now see my fancier image is being used instead.

So in a nutshell, the Logo option will let you choose which source is being show during a DVE Transition Effect.

But there is more…

You don’t have to use the Media Pool to do this, in fact you can choose any source that is connected to your ATEM - In my case I have this looping video playing.

It is of the same style as my images, with black on both sides and the graphical elements in the middle. 

On the select bus I can choose this source instead, run my transition and it works nicely!

A couple of final things to keep in mind…

  • Your transitioning image or video should be alpha on both sides and the main graphic in the center.
  • Be sure to test this out a few times so that everything works as expected.
  • There are a few options in the software control for direct of transition and for “Flip Flop” mode which will transition back and forth, instead of always in the same direction.