Add graphics to ATEM Mini Pro with H2R Graphics

Adding graphics to your ATEM Mini Pro live stream is super simple with H2R Graphics - Here's how.

By John Barker • 01 May 2020

In this video, we show you how easy it is to get up and running with H2R Graphics and the ATEM Mini/ATEM Mini Pro.

With this you can add a ticker, lower thirds, logo, custom message and more to your live stream!


Grab the latest version of H2R Graphics to get started.


Simply connect your PC or Mac to the ATEM Mini over HDMI as an extended display. Then open a ‘Chroma’ window inside H2R Graphics, drag that to the extended display and go full screen.

ATEM Software Control

You’ll want to set up a chroma key in the Upstream key on your ATEM. Use the ‘Chroma sample’ tool to get the best results.

Stream Deck Control

Follow along with the video to get the most out of the Stream Deck and H2R Graphics.

You can find all of the OSC addresses on our H2R Graphics docs.

Final thoughts


H2R Graphics and Companion are free to use, so give them both a go and send feedback on any issues along the way.

Test before going live

It’s always best to run through all of your graphics before sending them live to the world. We like to set everything up ahead of time and run through all the buttons, just to make extra sure everything is good to go!

OSC port

You can always change the OSC port in H2R Graphics, just make sure to update the Target Port in Companion so that everything keeps working as expected!