ATEM Streaming Bridge - What can it do?

Let's take a first look at the features of the ATEM Streaming Bridge and how to connect it with another studio

By John Barker • 10 Dec 2020

Who it’s for

The ATEM Streaming Bridge has been made for receiving a stream from an ATEM Mini Pro/ATEM Mini Pro ISO and converting that to HDMI or SDI for viewing.

It’s been pitched as a device for moving video around a building or around the world, depending on what you are producing.

This could be used in a studio environment for bringing in a feed from an outside journalist, but many of us will want to use it for bringing a caller into our live productions.



The device is inexpensive enough that you could have a few of them for multiple callers.

Seamless with the ATEM Mini Seamless use with the ATEM Mini Pro is nice since plenty of people already have one.


Design The design should be more desk-friendly since this thing will likely sit right next to your ATEM Mini Pro. I would have also liked to see it in a rack-mountable option.


Latency is not good enough for a chat back and forth with a caller. Very much a ‘bring in the guest and let them do their thing’ type scenario, though to be fair this was never really what BMD said you should do with the device.