All-in-one HDMI video switcher - AVMATRIX HVS0402U

Here's an overview of the HVS0402U video switcher from AVMATRIX

By John Barker • 10 Jun 2021

In this episode we are taking a deep dive into this 4 input, HDMI video switcher from AVMATRIX, the HVS0402U.

Who it’s for

This all in one device is made for bringing in multiple HDMI sources, like cameras or slides and mixing them out to either record over HDMI OR using the USB output to capture and stream the program feed to any service that supports a webcam input. 

Item tour

The case is a pretty sturdy feeling and has a decent weight to it. That, plus the rubber feed make it feel like it will sit nicely on your desk and not go anywhere.

The buttons are all placed on top, and the inputs and outputs are spread around a little.

The button presses, especially on the Preview/program row do take a bit of a press to register - If you have grown used to a Stream Deck or ATEM Mini then you might find yourself pressing a little harder than usual.

On the side you have a headphone output as well as the possibility of using a USB drive to load in graphics to show during your show or to add a logo for example.

On the back are two Mic inputs, four HDMI inputs - all with scalers built in to accept signals from SD up to 1080p60.

Next to that are the two HDMI output, both configurable to output PGM, Clean PGM, and Multiview.

The USB out is for capturing the PGM to your computer, streaming with OSB or using the switcher as a webcam in Zoom and similar apps.

Then there is a LAN for control via a PC application, tally for GPIO style tally control and power.

On the bottom you also have a standard mounting point so you could have it on a tripod or stand and run a show like that.


  • Nice table top design with all the features packed into the device
  • Two configurable HDMI outputs and configurable USB output
  • Nice multiview output with all the needed information


  • PC only interface and no sign of an open SDK/API
  • Cannot stream without outputting
  • Ecosystem - there is a reason people buy BMD equipment and that is gears of ecosystem building. Hard for anyone to get up to that level now.


In terms of price, it sits right between the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO and I think that makes sense. 

The collection of features makes it hard to directly compare with any of those devices but if you weigh up the features you need versus other switchers then you might find it has everything you want.

Wrap up

I will say that having played with it for a while now I am growing to like it a lot.

I really enjoy that I don’t need to connect a computer to access lots of features that I couldn’t otherwise control.

Though I will also say that the BMD eco system of switchers, cameras and many other network-controllable devices makes it hard to fully commit to another brand of switchers.

This won’t be your final switcher for all things, but it could be a great starting point for a community project, for running video in an event or if you want to up the abilities of your next zoom call.