ATEM Micro Panel and 4K ATEMs - News from Blackmagic Design at NAB 2024

This video gets you in the loop on all the ATEM updates at NAB 2024.

By John Barker • 15 April 2024

Blackmagic Design unveiled a bunch of exciting updates to their ATEM lineup during NAB 2024. Let’s dive in and explore the latest announcements:

4K ATEM 1 M/E and ATEM 2 M/E Constellation Switchers

First up is the introduction of 4K versions of the ATEM 1 M/E and ATEM 2 M/E Constellation switchers. Building upon the their HD models, these new versions support inputs up to 2160p60, allowing users to run their entire production in UHD mode.

With two years since the launch of the HD versions, the arrival of the 4K models is a significant step forward for those looking to future-proof their productions.

ATEM Micro Panel

Another noteworthy addition to the ATEM Panel lineup is the ATEM Micro Panel.

This compact panel connects to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and allows control of an ATEM switcher through the ATEM Software control software. With a form factor similar to that of the ATEM Mini Extreme or ATEM SDI Extreme, the Micro Panel sits neatly on your desktop.

While it’s great to see a more affordable first-party controller for ATEM switchers, it’s worth noting that it lacks a network connection on the back. This means you’ll need to have the ATEM Software Control running for the connection to work. However, despite its size, the Micro Panel boasts the ability to control up to a 4 M/E switcher and supports 10 inputs, expandable to 20 with the shift button.

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