Blackmagic Design - NAB 2017 announcements

It's no secret that we love to cover Blackmagic Design products. They seem to fit very well with our workflow and with our budget.

So, we are always excited to see their new products! Here's what they announced at this year's NAB.

Full Press Conference Video

Feel free to watch the full press conference video above, or read on below for my take on the updates!

ATEM Television Studio Pro HD (New)

It's only been a few months since BMD refreshed the Television Studio line with the HD version, a rack-mountable solution for live production, which includes a hardware control options on the front. If we were in the market for a new switcher, this may have been our first choice.

However, with the release of the TVS Pro HD, we are even more excited as it comes in a desktop switching panel form factor, with the switcher built in.

The rack-mountable version does make sense when traveling, but a desktop option would be easier for a long show/conference as it makes more sense ergonomically.

Availability: May 2017
Price: 2295 USD
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UltraStudio HD Mini (New)

This brand new product sits between the compact UltraStudio Mini Recorder/Monitor and the larger 4k versions.

It's powered by Thunderbolt 3 and is the same form factor as a Teranex mini. That way it can be rack-mounted alongside many of the other BMD products. 

Availability: Now
Price: 495 USD
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Web Presenter (Update)

The Web Presenter will see an update in the coming weeks to include an audio mixer interface, something that was lacking from the initial release software.

Availability: May 2017
Price: Free
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Duplicator 4K (Update)

BMD themselves admitted to jumping the gun a little with the Duplicator 4K recording in h.265, so with a forthcoming update, they will add h.264 encoding.

We really love this product and wish we could find a use for it. Recording to that many SD cards would be a great thing to give away at an event, the costing just doesn't quite work out for us.

Availability: Now
Price: Free
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Video Assist (Update)

New languages will soon be added to both Video Assist models, bringing all available languages to:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

In addition, the Video Assist 4K will support high-quality scopes including Waveform, Parade, Vector and Histogram. You'll even be able to go full screen, go fade between the scope and your source.

Availability: June 2017
Price: Free
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DiVinci Resolve 14 (New)

BMD has unleashed the public beta for DiVinci Resolve 14, there full editing, colouring and (now) audio mastering suite.

We don't use this software (just yet), so we will leave it up to Blackmagic Design to tell you all about the new features. See all that is new in this video!

Availability: Now (Public Beta), Later (Full Version)
Price: Free (Public Beta), 299 USD (Full Version)
Learn more:

Other bits and pieces

  • Ultimatte 11 now has a lower price - 9995 USD.
  • 2-bay, 4-bay and desktop consoles for DiVinci Resolve.
  • Ursa Mini Pro has Bluetooth!