Helpful YouTube channels

We thought it was time to mention some of our favourite YouTube channels for all things video production and tech.

Channels mentioned

Leading Zeros
Channel - TV case build video

Leading Zeros was one of the first channels we came across when researching our TV Studio in a flight case build. It was a source of inspiration and we must have watched the videos quite a few times.

StudioTech TV
Channel - ATEM 1 M/E

This channel has hours of great content on all sorts of production gear. While some of it is now out of date a little (gear changes fast after all), there are still plenty of tips during the many live shows.

Channel - ATEM TVS

Not strictly a video production channel, but still jammed with lots of video gear (especially ATEM-related content). Sadly, Lon now uses a Tricaster, but there continues to be high quality tech content to enjoy.

Doug Johnson Productions
Channel - Trailer build 

We like to think of Doug's channel as a grown-up version of ours. He's went all in on ATEM and video production gear - wonderful videos full of information.