Hollyland Mars 400S Pro - First look

Lets take a look at latency, battery life and other features of the Hollyland Mars 400s Pro

By John Barker • 17 Dec 2020


Usually, now I say who these are for, but in this case, the device is fairly straightforward, you can use them to send video wirelessly from one place to the other.


  • HDMI and SDI inputs are great, plus you can convert from HDMI to SDI over the air.
  • Solid design in general, though the menu system is just okay.
  • Powered by USB-C or DC or battery.


  • On-off switches are inset but I still think it would be fairly easy to turn it off by accident.
  • The no-signal screen has a big logo on it, couldn’t find a way to turn this off.
  • As with all wireless tech, your experience will vary depending on where you are and what gets in the way.