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MultiCamZilla part 2 - ATEM control

Show and Tell6th December, 2017

See part one here!

In this follow-up video, we decided to explore how to use MultiCamZilla to control your cameras and your ATEM at the same time. This allows you to sit back and cover your show without leaving the chair!

Full discloser - this is a review unit sent to us by MultiCamZilla. They also let us hang onto it after making this video.

Here's the software we mentioned:

Multicamzilla defaults

By default, MultiCamZilla uses ControllerMate to talk directly with the ATEM Software Control application running on your Mac.

This is great as it makes for fast and easy cutting between camera, however, what we didn't love was that the ATEM Software Control application would keep popping up to the front of all windows (this is just a default macOS thing).

Our workflow

What we have done instead is use an existing MIDI ATEM control workflow on top of the default.

Now the flow of requests looks like this:

MultiCamZilla workflow

While it seems a little complex, we've already been using OSCulator and atemOSC happily for a long time, so adding ControllMate to the mix is no real issue. 

The beauty of this setup is that atemOSC actually talks to your ATEM directly (and not via the ATEM Software Control application. 

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