Multiview options on ATEM Mini Extreme

What can you do with the multiview on the ATEM Mini Extreme and ISO, let's take a look.

By John Barker • 25 Mar 2021

In this video, we take a look through ways to customize your multiview layouts in the ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO.

Where to change the multiview

As a quick refresher, or if you are new to ATEM switchers, you can configure the Multiview output of the ATEM Mini from the ATEM Software Control. 

In the bottom left corner you can head into the settings, and the multiview tab.

In there are lots of options for overlays and customisation.

4 up or 16 up

The first place to start playing is to decide how many sources and windows you want to display on screen at the same time.

Clicking on the “View Control” let’s you choose between 4 large windows, or dividing each of these 4 windows into 4 smaller ones. 

This way you could show 4 sources larger or even up to 16 much smaller windows. 

Default layout

By default, the ATEM Mini Extreme ships with a 13 window layout which is perfect for seeing all your 8 sources coming into the ATEM, as well as the helpful screens for streaming and recording.


I am personally still a fan of the “preview/program” style of switching so I tend to like to see what is on preview before I take it live on air.

I can easily take back my preview window of course by turning the top left area into 1 window, then setting it to preview.

Then below I am set up my inputs and windows as needed. I would consider this a very classic layout of live switching.

Monitoring mode

I also like a layout with all the status options shown. It really puts a big emphasis on what my viewers are actually experiencing. 

Since I am running my own live show most of the time, I am fairly confident in what sources are where, so I don’t need to spend a lot of the real estate on inputs.

I’ve left the bottom three windows to be my confidence for streaming and audio monitoring which, when live, is a consistent confidence builder for what the audience is experiencing. So if the stream drops then I will know.

Two HDMI outputs

Keep in mind that while there are two HDMI outputs on the ATEM Mini Extreme, and both can be set to multiview, it will be the same multiview layout going to both.


If you are already running Companion with your ATEM, you will be happy to know you have lots of control over the multiview layouts, and a push of a button.

Keep in mind that at the point of recording, the ATEM Mini Extreme is still fairly new and Companion’s official builds might not yet have full support for the Extreme. You will want to run a beta build for all of these features.