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Pre-event tips

Show and Tell19th January, 2018

Here are a handful of tips to follow before you set off for your next event. They are sure to save you time and frustration when out on a job!

Tip 1 - Label everything

It's a great idea to label everything. We bought a label maker and tend to print out a batch of "Here to Record" stickers. Then we stick those on just about every item we have.

We also have some custom-made stickers which include our logo, we use these on larger gear. It's good for branding and ensures that no-one walks away with one of our cameras.

Tip 2 - Number similar items

If you have as many SD cards as we have, they all start to look the same, so it's really necessary to give each one a unique number or letter.

We use a silver marker (as most things are black so it's very noticeable) and sequentially number each item.

We then use them in order which allows us to know what batteries are empty and what cards are full!

Tip 3 - Wipe cards and charge batteries

We think most people are in a good routine of charging all their batteries the night before a big event - but we take it a step further by ensuring all our SD cards are wiped clean.

There really is no time when standing at an event to decide if footage on an SD card is needed or has been backed-up already. This stuff has to be done before you set off.

Tip 4 - Clear space on your hard drives

If you're headed off to an event, there's a good chance that you'll need to duplicate lots of footage from other media types - that's why you'll need all the hard drive space you can manage to get.

We've talked in the past about how we archive large video projects, and now might be the time to do the same!

Tip 5 - Do a test run with all the gear

We like to set things up exactly as we will have them for the event. This way we can do a test run at home to make sure all the cables and adapters are on hand.

Then we take all the gear and put it into our cases, just like in the "What we pack for a conference" video.

We can rest assured that everything is with us when we get to a venue!


We hope you found these tips helpful, and if you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments below!

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