Select Bus on ATEM Mini Extreme

What is the Select Bus on the ATEM Mini Extreme and what can it be used for? Let's take a look!

By John Barker • 09 Mar 2021

The buttons

In this video, we will explore the select bus on the ATEM Mini Extreme, what it is and how it can be used.

The Select Bus is this double row of buttons right in the top center of the ATEM Mini Extreme.

The top row can be considered as the ‘Sources’ row, and the bottom the ‘destinations’.

The labels on the top row are fairly self explanatory, sources 1 to 8, media players 1 and two, colours, bars and black.

On the bottom row though, there was a lot more information to pack into each button. To expand on those a little you have Key 1 luma, chroma and pattern, then key 2 luma, chroma and pattern

Next are the two DSKs, the two DVEs, And the transition destinations are next, Dip, wipe, logo and stinger (not yet implemented).

In Action

I have a fairly common use case set up in this videro where I have a side-by-side PiP on screen and you can see two colours. My colour 1 is on the left and my colour 2 is on the right. 

But what I want to show is my first guest  on the left and my second guest on the right.

Since the PiP effect uses DVE 1 and DVE 2 to create this effect, I can confirm that my Col 1 and Col 2 are mapped to those by pressing the buttons on the Select Bus.

When I press DVE 1, you can see the Col 1 button above has illuminated, meaning it is mapped to that destination.

My guests are connected to the ATEM Mini Extreme on Input 1 and input 2, so as you might have guessed, I can press the DVE 1 destination and then select the first source on the top row.

When I take a look at my PGM output shows I have a guest in the first PiP. I will do the same for DVE 2, choose input 2 and the PGM output is looking as I expected.

It’s important to remember to always choose the destination first, then the source you want to map to that destination.

Use case

Pattern overlay

The ability to quickly change a Pattern source, for example here I have my first guest on screen in a small circle over their presentation. But if I want to change that to the second guest instead, I can use the select but to remap that source.

I was using the K1PAT to show guest one, and now I can choose K1PAT on the select bus, and choose source 2. You can see my guest 2 takes over the same position. I could easily use this to jump back and forth as my guests talk back and forth.