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Webcaster X2 - Walkthrough and review

Show and Tell4th January, 2018

Here's our look at the Webcaster X2 from Epiphan Video - It's a hardware encoding allowing you to go live to Facebook or YouTube.

Full discloser - this is a review unit sent to us by Epiphan - We sent it back after making this video.

Who this is for

This is perfect for someone that wants to go live to YouTube or Facebook, but doesn't want to rely on a computer to do it. We've been using Wirecast on a Mac for a few years now, but have found that it heavily drags down the performance of the Mac while streaming. A dedicated hardware device helps out a lot!

Setup process

To get going with your Webcaster X2, you'll need to attach a network cable (if you are using the wired option), a keyboard and mouse, and then turn on the device.

After that, you can attach a monitor to the HDMI out port and a camera or mixer source to the HDMI in port.

Live stream on YouTube

Connect your account

To go live with YouTube, you'll need to connect to your YouTube account. The process is really simple and involves going to the page. Just follow the sets from there.

You'll know you are ready to go live when your profile image shows up within the Webcaster X2 interface and it will say "Paired to [account name]" on the front LCD of the device.

Going live

You can go live straight away to your YouTube "Live Now" stream by pressing "Start" within the Webcaster X2. You can also stream to a previously created event by heading into the preferences menu and changing the stream destination.

Comments and interactions will appear within the interface so you can keep an eye on how the stream is going.

Live stream on Facebook

Connect your account

Just like the YouTube setup process, you'll need to connect the Webcaster X2 to your Facebook account. This can be done by going to and following the steps.

Your Facebook profile image will pop up within the interface so you'll know when you are connected.

Going live

Press "Start" to go live to your Facebook timeline by default. You can also go into the preferences menu and choose where to stream to. You can choose between your timeline, your pages and groups that you are an admin of.

Other things to note

Wired or Wireless

The Webcaster X2 comes with a wireless antenna for when you need to use Wi-Fi to stream.

We always recommend using a wired connection when live streaming, but sometimes wireless is the only option.

USB webcam and microphone

You can attach a USB webcam or microphone to the USB ports on the Webcaster X2 - A really nice feature if you have them lying around!

As of writing, this is a beta feature so be sure to always test these things out before an important live stream.

Ports not in use

As of writing, the AV, Optical Audio and MicroSD ports/slots are not currently in use. These may be turned on in the future, but aren't supported right now.


Great quality streams

We were really happy with test streams that we created on the device. Check out some of them here: YouTube and Facebook.

Easy setup

Once you attach the Webcaster to your network and sign into your accounts, it's all ready to go. It boots fast, which means you are ready to stream in seconds.

Wired or Wireless

As we said above, wired is the best option, but having the ability to go wireless is a nice to have.


Keyboard, mouse and screen are needed

It is a shame to have to carry around extra gear to make the device work. If you can find yourself a small all-in-one keyboard and mouse then that is likely the best option.

Funky UI/UX within the interface

We found it weird to have separate "Preferences" and "Settings" menus and were constantly looks between the two places to find menu options.

Single destination streaming

Understandbly, this device will only stream to YouTube or Facebook (and not both at the same time). If that is a feature you need, then this device is not right for you.


To find the current price of the Webcaster X2, head over to the Epiphan Video site.

We'd also love for you to use our Amazon Affiliate link for the Webcaster X2 right here.

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