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H2R Graphics - Release notes

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29th July, 2020 - Download

Feature: Images: Show images to your viewers, from your local machine or a URL.
Feature: Chat auto-refreshes every 60 seconds.
Feature: Privacy mode for Chat to show/hide certain information.
Feature: Custom CSS and positioning for Chat.
Feature: Chat messages now have a duration so they hide after a certain amount of time.

Fix: Paste the full YouTube URL into the Chat tab, or just the ID, both work.
Fix: Shown chat messages will now be greyed out for better visual tracking.


7th July, 2020 - Download

Watch the release video

Feature: Live chat for YouTube.
Feature: Control OSC over the network.
Feature: Themes can be updated and removed.
Feature: Message feature is now a text area (great for multi-line messages).

Fix: Text can no longer be accidentally selected in the output windows.
Fix: Fixes for ticker position and size.
Fix: H2R Graphics is now notarized for macOS (which should mean it launches without security issues).


29th April, 2020 - Download

Fix: Lower Third elements can now be faded again - this was broken.
Fix: OSC timer elements were broken - should be working now though.
Fix: Some improvements to the reliability of the Ticker element - it shouldn't crash quite as it did before.


16th March, 2020 - Download

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Feature: Custom CSS! Make elements look just the way you want with custom CSS classes - Get started with our built-in themes.
Feature: Remember window locations. Next time you open H2R Graphics, your windows will open where you left them.
Feature: Analytics, these will help H2R Graphics in the long run. Data is only used to see which features are popular.
Feature: OSC Port, you can choose whatever port number you wish.
Feature: Break screen text can all be set - Perfect for any international users!
Feature: Add a custom message over OSC.

Fix: Fill graphics window is now has a black background. This should fix any weird quirks with key/fill keying.
Fix: OSC timer support for 'Count Down to Time of Day'. This was missing before.
Fix: Software update link will go straight to download.


9th May, 2019 - Download

Watch the release video

Feature: Autoplay of Break screen can be toggled - Perfect for when an event gets off track!
Feature: “None“ is now a transition option for all elements. Maybe you just don’t need a transition.
Feature: Position of Message and Timer can be set to anywhere on screen.

Fix: Lower Third Slide transition is now working again.
Fix: Ticker elements are visible by default.
Fix: Timer no longer re-transitions when a new time is set.
Fix: There is now a default changeover time in the Break element.


12th April, 2019 - Download

Watch the release video

Feature: Import and Export of all settings.
Feature: Toggle visibility of ticker items.
Feature: Lots of colour and size customisation.
Feature: New element… Break screen. Perfect for live events.


22nd March, 2019 - Download

Watch the release video

Feature: New transitions! Fade or wipe all elements (and slide lower thirds).
Feature: Filter Lower Thirds by name or title. Perfect for when you have lots of them.
Feature: Lower Thirds can now be resized.
Feature: % indication for all sliders so that you can match settings across projects.
Feature: New timer option for showing the current time of day.
Feature: New timer “pre-message” lets you customise the timer.
Feature: Fire custom timers using OSC. Check the docs for instructions on this.

Fix: Lower Third background on graphics windows was not properly setting on launch.
Fix: If the time of day countdown timer was set for tomorrow, it didn’t work. Now it does!
Fix: All options are now folded by default to clean up the UI.


14th March, 2019 - Download

Feature: Colour, sizes and positions added for all elements.
Feature: New timer options!
Feature: Ticker now continuously loops.

Fix: Email address updated so you can actually send feedback.


7th March, 2019 - Download

Feature: Key/Fill graphics windows are now an option.

Fix: App will now check in the background for the latest version.


6th March, 2019 - Download

Initial release 🎉


6th March, 2019 - Download

Test release

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