ATEM Macros - Getting started, XML editing and more // Show and Tell Ep.20

Using Macros on your ATEM switcher can make for a really powerful switching experience. We've used them in the past for activating a break during a live stream and they've worked out great.

However, editing this within the ATEM Software Control can be tricky, that's why we prefer to open up the .xml file and do some editing.

Hopefully, you can see how easy it is to do that very same thing!

Be sure to check out our GitHub repo for examples:


What's In Our Bag - Small Conference and Meetup // Show and Tell Ep.19

In this video, we wanted to take you through all the things we bring to a small conference or meetup in order to travel light, but still capture all areas.

The full list of gear for our Multi-Camera recording setup can be found here!