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Packing for a conference

Show and Tell9th November, 2017

In this video, we take you through all the gear that we bring to a conference. We pack (kind of) light, but bring all the important gear we'll need!

Size restrictions

We have chosen our gear and cases so that we can travel with it. Everything we buy needs to somehow fit into our large cases so that we can bring them on an airplane.

It's taken a lot of time and effort to find sturdy, travel-friendly tripods, that's why we have the Benro Aero2 and Aero 4.

We also use the Canon XA10 and HFG25 cameras as they are small and budget-friendly.

If you want some of your own, here are the cases we use.

Cameras in our backpack

We like to protect the cameras by carrying those onto the plane with us - this way when we arrive, we know they are in good condition.

We do wish we could be this protective with all the other gear, but it's just not possible.

Gear changes

We're always trying to find ways to update the gear for ease of travel, without sacrificing our production quality.

That's why we shrunk the size of our main ATEM TV Studio setup in this 2018 build!

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